Midweek meals

Made… this little salad, t’was too good not to share…

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Chair Seat


First things first – because the chair was so destroyed, I couldn’t use the original foam and cushions, though the springs attached to the chair frame were still good. So I took some measurements of the size that I wanted the chair seat and back to be (I made the back a bit longer), then took those down to my local foam place. They cut the foam I chose to size, which was a lot easier than trying to buy one big piece of foam and hack away (have you ever tried to cut foam? Not fun. Apparently a bread knife works best).

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Hiya party people!

So we recently bought a new house, and have been busy renovating (more on that down the track). Problem is, the new place is a fair whack bigger than the old place, and the cashola that is left, is going to finishing the renovations, rather than furniture. Which means, things have had to get creative.

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Comfort Food


So January being what it is, most of us are trying to make up for the excesses of both the holiday season, and the brilliance that is for most people, the summer holidays. With summer too, came an onset of summer flus that seemed to catch like wildfire. I was no different, and struggled along with a flu that lasted a full 2 weeks of being miserable, left for a week, then came back in full force. So I was craving some comfort food, but at the same time, wanted it to be reasonably healthy. Moroccan Soup, enter stage left…

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