So a while ago I picked up a “loaf in a carton” from IKEA. They have for sale in the food shop a carton that looks like an oversized milk carton, that you’re just meant to add water to, to arrive at a crusty loaf of bread. Thought I’d give it a burl, and I have to say, I couldn’t stop laughing…

So the shot above shows the carton. I added the water as per instructions. Then I shook, and I shook, and I shook. Per the instructions, I then poured the whole shebang into a silicon loaf mould. I ended up with a heap of sludge (that constituted, I think, most of the goodness that was supposed to be in the load), which I then had to scrape out with a spoon, and try to mix in the loaf pan.

I tried to pretty up the photo above with effects, but really, it wasn’t pretty.

Then I had to wait for it to rise:


This was it after rising for an hour.

Like I say, I spent the best part of an afternoon laughing my head off.

Popped it in the oven:


This was it after the requisite time in the oven. Still not so pretty…

IMG_1094Have to say though, despite the help in photo editing, it was actually pretty darn tasty, the end result.


Why not give it a go? At the very worst, it’ll be a mildly amusing afternoon, and you’ll have some “not-bad-at-all” bread at the end of it?