IMG_0657So I have a lot of jewellery that I’ve bought, but more commonly been given as a gift or handed down from besties. I don’t wear a lot of it very often, but I can’t bear to part with it. Most of it is not terribly expensive, but I got to thinking it would make a cute display.

As you can see in the photo above, I bought a cheap arse picture from the local op shop (grand total of $3) and took it out of the frame.

Then spray painted the frame:

IMG_0663(I’ve since painted it black)

Covered the seascape with wadding and some leftover fabric I had (single bed sheet from IKEA in the bargains bin = $2):

IMG_0658Then stapled everything tight to the back of the seascape with my trusty staple gun:

IMG_0659I marked out where I wanted hooks for jewellery to go, using tailor’s chalk so it would rub out easily:

IMG_0664Then hit the hardware store, to look for suitable hooks. I tried some screw in hooks, and they just got caught badly on the fabric and the wadding, so I wouldn’t recommend it, as they wouldn’t bite into the backing very well, and weren’t sturdy enough that way.

I ended up using some metal ‘staples’, which I think are meant to be used for fixing chicken wire to posts.. but they did the trick – just bashed them in with a hammer.

Then fixed the board onto the frame, and there you have it, a short (or longer term) solution to jewellery storage on display, for next to no money: