Much as I had a lot of trouble with the chair seat, the back took even longer, as it ended up being way more fiddly than I thought. As you can see, again, I had already cut all of the panels out, so ended up having to sew them on separately.

(Apologies now for some of the crappy photos, but the light sometimes just wasn’t cooperative).

IMG_0938Then once I had the side panels on, I had to join the back fabric panel of the back cushion, making sure I had lined up all of the corners exactly, and all of my pre-marked hem lines:

IMG_0940IMG_0942It took a LOT of fiddling around, but I got there eventually…

Now came the hard part. The springs on the chair, came up the back of the chair, as seen here. But I didn’t want the back cushion on the chair resting on the spring, as I thought that would look pretty ugly. So I had to do 2 panels of fabric for the back of the cushion – the one that would sit up against the springs, and then the pretty one, which would slide over the whole lot (and I wanted it all to look like the one panel, so you couldn’t tell).

As the part resting against the springs wasn’t going to be seen, I used some old, scrap fabric:

IMG_0950You can see in the photo above that I need a manicure I put the cut dud fabric panel on top of the pretty stuff (seen here from the not so pretty side). The problem was the dud fabric panel had to fit the foam exactly, but the pretty panel needed to taper out from top to bottom, to fit over the springs. This took a while to figure out, but I got there in the end.

I’m really annoyed I don’t have any photos of that stage, but I’m putting it down to being too flummoxed in trying to figure things out, to take pics.

Anyhoo, this is the end result:

IMG_0968 IMG_0970Excuse the bad pics (and the fabric looks a little saggy in that photo, which it isn’t), but I was just so happy it was finally done!

I did end up with two little bits to finish off. I had sewn the two back panels to the rest of the cushion cover (the whole way down). What I hadn’t realised (until I tried to slide the whole cushion onto the spring frame) was that the two arm rests kind of join onto the spring frame, so they were in the way.

This unfortunately meant unpicking my earlier hard work a part of the way. I couldn’t figure out how to have a bit sufficiently open to slide the cushion over the springs (and arm joiny bit), without leaving some of the fabric flapping in the breeze.

Then I had one of my brighter moments:


They did the dirty both for the panels at the side and back of the seat rest:


And at the bottom of the chair seat, where you could still see a tiny bit of the spring frame poking out under the chair seat:


BUT all in all, I’m pretty happy with how my chair turned out!


(the chair next to it is another I upholstered, and finished just the other day. Hold tight for a post on that puppy)