Hiya party people!

So we recently bought a new house, and have been busy renovating (more on that down the track). Problem is, the new place is a fair whack bigger than the old place, and the cashola that is left, is going to finishing the renovations, rather than furniture. Which means, things have had to get creative.

I’ve been hitting up garage sales, gumtree and the like, but so far, the best booty has been FREE! That’s right, twice a year the local Council has a period in which you can dump your old stuff on your front lawn, and during a certain week, they will come and pick up your bulky household rubbish. Which just feels like Christmas, once you get over the embarrassment of screaming to a halt in the front of random people’s homes, and feeling like a derelict as you load unloved stuff into the boot of your car.

The first time I did this, I moved with the speed of light, and was too busy checking no one could recognise me (it was on a busy street) to really realise what I was hauling into the car.

But I tell you my friends, it pays off! I don’t have a before photo, as the idea of this blog was just a germ at the time, but here’s exhibit 1:



IMG_0904The original version was hideous, hideous I tell you! By the time these photos were taken, I had torn off the original cushions – both the fabric and cushions had completely rotted away in parts, and sanded back the wood with my trust sander. So what you see is basically the frame.

I loved the colour of the wood after I had stripped off the original horrible varnish, so tune in later to find out how it went…